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You are the one you’ve been waiting for…

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What is White Flag?

White Flag was born out of Kimberly's own need for HOLISTIC RECOVERY.  The cognitive approach of the 12 Steps, the Somatic approach of Trauma healing through movement, and the ancient wisdom and philosophy of Yoga merge together into an incredibly powerful medicine.


Using the model of the Koshas, we have to go through the layers of the body, Physical, Energetic, Mental, and Emotional to then be able to practice discernment and quiet.

To emerge from the frequency of addiction and  shift into another dimension is possible through this practice and commUNITY which includes all aspects of YOGA beyond the physical practice known as ASANA.


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White Flag Retreats

White Flag Recovery Retreats are like nectar to the soul.

We MUST take time out of our regular daily life to gain space and perspective. To be re-energized and reinvigorated, reminded and realigned with our true nature so that we can re-enter our lives with a freshness that is so badly needed in our world today just to keep up keeping up.

White Flag Surrender Series