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~  a  F O R E V E R  piece  ~


This piece is priceless in that it symbolizes everything you are about and all you have let go of.   


Wear this White Flag pendant necklace in celebration of letting go of what no longer serves you.  It's about Surrendering.  We surrender but we don't give up!


 The White Flag Surrender Series is a collection of handcrafted fine jewelry made from the finest metals, in the hands of the most skillful Jewelry makers in Charleston,SC . These designs act as a wearable statement of strength and overcoming adversity. Like a constant reminder and loyal companion, reminding us of our own infinite truth! (truth is my identity).


We encourage you to live, move, and feel in this jewelry in order to make it an extension of your presence.


The Surrender Series was created and curated from friction and hitting up against the same wall many times.  We wear this beautifully potent and highly charged symbol through our days and nights, moving through the rhythms of our life with this constant reminder and connection to the FREEDOM we have today, in this moment, right here, right now~


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