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About Us

We could easily say that addiction and addictive behavior is a symptom of something deeper.


Separation occurred that was then medicated with false and temporary solutions. 

White Flag is a homecoming to ones self, providing a space for all individuals to uncover, recover, discover and discard through our Trauma Informed Movement practices, Retreats and Community meetings online and in person. 

Kimberly Thompson, 


Kimberly is the Founder and leader of White Flag Recovery Yoga and Retreats in Charleston, SC.She is a Certified RYT300 Trauma informed Yoga teacher and Y12SR, The Yoga of 12 Step Recovery leader and Spaceholder. She leads weekly Y12SR meetings in her hometown of Charleston SC. Kimberly also leads workshops and speaks at Wellness Festivals and Recovery events. She’s been an active seeker since age 10. A self professed “lifelong learner.” Kimberly is in long term recovery. She believes that addiction just wants to live, and it does not really care how it manifests itself. 
It was not until she began her own deep trauma work that she discovered the depth of resistance, stored trauma, and dissonance held in the body. Until the dys
regulation in the nervous system is addressed and moved, the likelihood of staying stuck in the frequency of addiction is probable.
Through a yoga (moving meditation) practice paired with the cognitive approach of the 12 steps, she has built a sustainable and long term platform for recovery. It is this practice and passion that she loves to share with others through her individual and group yoga sessions, classes, workshops, retreats and events. Above all, she loves to share this HOLISTIC approach to recovery with others.

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The place you have been looking for in other people, places and things.  So welcome hOMe to that which was NEVER not there.  We just got tangled up along the way…


Welcome to your UN BECOMING~

Yoga is really very much like the 12 step program in that it is a “program”, for right living.  An antidote for How to live life as a spiritual being having a human experience.  Just as the 12 streps lead us to a power greater than ourselves so does the Practices of Yoga.  Yoga means Union - But first we must dismantle.

The practice is literally the dismantling of things that are constructs, and the decolonization of the mind.  THIS is Yoga.

This is your sacred place.  

Welcome hOMe
Our Purpose
Kimberly Thompson

The Story of White Flag

White Flag was born out of a primitive desire to thrive in life and recovery from addiction.  Addiction can be defined as any behavior that we continue to engage in despite negative results. Addiction touches EVERYONE on the planet either personally or by someone we know.


We are not just referring to the main 6 forms of addiction that we usually associate that word with.  Drugs, Alcohol, Food, People, Sex, and Money.  It can also take the contaminating forms of negative thinking, Self doubt (low self esteem,) procrastination and resentment. 


I assert that it is anything that blocks us from our true nature of light, freedom and abundance. 


Shame is often the culprit that keeps us stuck in the frequency of addiction.  The White Flag Practices, CommUNITY, and Retreats are designed to break us FREE from that cycle and remind us of our true nature.  That we are all DIVINE Emanations of SPIRIT, SOUL and Multiverse and that the cracks are where the light gets in.  We come hOMe to ourselves and break the ball and chain that we have been dragging through our lives even after we have done the work and stopped the addictive behavior.


Truth is our identity and we bow to that within each and everyone of us.

Sat Nam

The Why


From Past Retreats

Kimberly's energy and wisdom propel willing souls into a new dimension of truth, revelation, and discovery. From yogic breathing exercises to trauma-informed aerobic "shift" classes, her approach gently opens the heart, reveals its contents, and offers expansion and transformation into a life never imagined. Those wary of intimidating yoga classes can relax and take advantage of her mantra of being exactly who we are right now -- that is enough. Her meetings, classes and retreats are transcendent and a testament to her divine gift of healing that she shares selflessly and joyfully with anyone lucky enough to enter her orbit.

–Lisa J.

 "I had the most wonderful experience at your yoga Nidra wed evening. In the environment of warmth, candles , darkness, quiet music, your beautiful voice, after the deep breathing, stretching, breathing down to the root chakra & up to the third eye chakra, once we started the affirmation (mine was “I am enough. I am whole.”) I experienced total consciousness (connection to my heart center) whatever it is called before I fell asleep??

It was amazing! Now I KNOW what it feels like & will try to tailor my morning prayer & meditation to experience it more often!!

Thank you. 💜Thank you. 💜Thank you 💜

With all my love & appreciation.

Namaste 🙏"

–Nancy H.

"Kimberly has been and continues to make a major impact and contribution to the recovery community. She has incorporated the ancient art and philosophy of yoga in conjunction with 12 Step recovery principles.

Having witnessed her class, it was obvious that she is a natural born leader and teacher. She approaches Y12SR with love, joy, verve and passion. Kimberly has put forth much preparation, study, time, effort and thought into her practice.  In addition, I have heard many transformative accounts of her Y12SR retreats."

– Austin O.

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