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Coming up close

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

W e l c OM e h O M e


Takes offs and landings..

Arrivals and departures..

Beginnings and endings..

The take off is a letting go

The landing is a coming down

A soft landing into a busy life.

Many storylines_ lots of energetic expression.

To do lists and dates on the calendar.

When I allow myself to cut the tether and detach _ it’s almost like a container of intuitive

e_ motion.

My mind is allowed/ has space and permission to be still.

Or to wander.

To float to the heart and communicate directly with no distraction between the 12 inches between mind and heart_ heart and Soul

What came up for me is an enormous well of

_____G R I E F____

Did not even see it coming_

Came to me around the distant axis. Didn’t even hear the door.

Maybe it was the land, or the energies I drew towards me, the natural humbling that time brings, and seeing it in my mother.

Her vulnerability and long last awarenesses touched me deeply. Her willingness to “get it right.”

The way the sun rises over the Boise front the same as it has for so long yet everything is so different.

It broke my heart wide open..

All this to say_

We are all carrying a heavy load without any consciousness.

It is under the skin, in the architecture of our blueprint, our design.

It is an ancient record keeper whose remnants live in our tissues.

Honoring grief is

Important _ just as we welcome the tidal wave of love, we must too honor grief.

It is the practice of embracing our humanity and seeking all with equanimity.

Not good

Not bad

Just is____

Welcome hOMe to all of us..

every day is a welcome hOMe___

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