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Why a Daily Sadhana Practice?

Because we are undisciplined!! And those undisciplined aspects in ourselves create and cause suffering. We sabotage ourselves even though our intentions are not to.

We need a system that helps us with structure, framework, and accountability to rise in the morning, align with our higher power and embody our bodies!

What is Sadhana?

The term sadhana comes from the Sanskrit root, sadhu, meaning “go straight to a goal”. Routinely applying mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of a spiritual goal is the most natural and efficient way to surrender the ego, to find relief from suffering and to attain peace.

For this reason, sadhana is the cornerstone of the discipline of yoga. Yoga provides a huge variety of tools for this purpose, ranging from physical practices, such as asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques), to more introspective applications, such as svadhyaya (self-study) and meditation.

With intention, awareness, discipline and daily practice, almost anything can be considered as sadhana.

Discipline is arguably the most important facet of sadhana, so it does help to practice at the same time each day.

Morning is the best time of day for a Daily Sadhana practice.

We need to interrupt this debilitating pattern.

We change this by commiting to showing up NO MATTER WHAT to this spiritual practice, our daily Sadahna practice.

Thereby getting out of the same cycle which is not serving us, breaking the pattern, and taking positive action that will serve as the cornerstone for our day! This way we are the TIGER not riding the tail of the TIGER!

Just surrender to SHOWING UP and feel the miracle of alignment and embodiment in every area of your life. Let's do this together!

Here is what you will experience

  • A sense of surrender and openness

  • Aligned with your higher Power

  • Embodied in your body

  • Self Love and sweet surrender

  • Activated enrgetically and awake

  • A sense of stability and groundedness

  • A clear and de fogged mind

  • De cluttered and cleared in body, mind and spirit

  • A sense of comfort and ease

  • Tuned In

  • More and longer lasting energy

  • A feeling of victory and accomplishment

  • Ready for the Day!

What Do I need for my Sadhana practice?

  • You

  • Yoga mat

  • Blanket or bolster

  • A shawl or blanket for Meditation

  • Journal and pen

Recommneded but not necessary

*A candle

*Insense-Palo Santo/Nag Champa /Sage

*Jao essential oil for pulse points

*Sheepskin or cozy blanket to place on top of mat

White Flag is introducung THE MORNING CLUB~

The Morning Club will meet on ZOOM every weekday morning Monday thru Friday from 6:40am to 7:00am.

A 20 minute practice to align and embody so we can approach our days with an inner strength and energy to be the highest version of ourselves that we were designed to be!

We all have various commitments and responsibilities as individuals. Some people spend their time running away from commitments while others overwhelm themselves with too many.

Yet, you are what your commitments are.

My daily sadhana is my spiritual commitment to myself, consisting mainly of a fusion of Kundalini Yoga Qi Gong movement medicine, and meditation. My persoanl practice can range from 15 minutes to an hour sometimes.

When I finish this connecting practice, I am aligned with my highest self and it literlaly affects every aspect of my life and this is what I want to share with you...🤍

See you in the dawn of a new day~



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