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The Fall Equinox

I felt very called to share this information with you. I hope it aligns and serves.

Being in the rhythym of the planet and her seasons is being closer to our SOURCE, our higher power.

I am craving the quiet hum of cool weather and wind. It is coming.

It is essential that we remember that we are SPIRITUAL< ENERGETIC <BEINGS having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE with an undisciplined mind that often times seems self sabotaging!

I wanted to honor this FALL EQUINOX with extra attention and care. this is my Prayer...

I am calling on all the directions, NORTH*SOUTH* EAST* *WEST above and Below, Dark and Light, all angels, Sages, Rishi's and guides to remove and let die all that is not serving the highest parts of self. I ask this for the relief of bondage from self, and I ask for alignment and support with the energetic SHIFT of the Fall Equinox.

LEt those aspects of SELF go dormant and die with the Harvest into Fall.

In Gratitude, love, Grace and Faith
I release ____________________-