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my loveletter to Covid 19

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Here we go. Things are starting to rev back up. It's a good time to reflect on the lessons the Covid 19 Pandemic brought us. To bring our consciousness and awareness to this global teaching. It was a teaching.

Life is a delicate balance of embracing and accepting both dark and light. While there was much sickness and suffering brought about by Covid 19, there was also growth and abundance to this planet, its inhabitants, the elements, minerals, plants, animals, the whole of existence.

Prior to the pandemic, I could feel the populous density. The hum and frequency in high decibels. The constant going, doing, being, moving.

Inundated with noise from all directions. The kids backpacks and folders coming home packed with papers for this and that. The constant stream of emails for each child as well as myself and the junk! So much spam and junk both coming in through our virtual mailbox, physical mailbox and cell phones. The disguised ploys of wellness invitations which always seemed to have a... "To find out more buy this" attachment.

You gotta be going, doing, being. Where are you going? What? you have nowhere to go? Sad. Going, being, and doing is associated with power. Clearly you are important because you are so busy and have so much going on!

Later, the Pandemic will even show us, or try to tell us, what is ESSENTIAL and NON ESSENTIAL. Which in itself was another glimpse into the fact that no one really knows whats going on!

One example of this is, I attend 12 Step meetings. I felt that if I didn't go to the noon meeting then people might wonder where I am, or maybe I don't have a good program bc I don't go to meetings and meeting makers make it! This sounds totally ridiculous as I write these words and know that I am way past this kind of lower thinking spiritually, yet there I was in that recycled looping thought cunundrum. It just made no sense, and my body knew it! I would feel the tension and anxiety, and the forcing over the path of ease, yet I would fall into the pattern over and over.

There are thousands of illustrations of this in our humanity. Where we are going against what we know to be right for us, yet we override and cause tension and dissonance in our lives, that then becomes dis-ease and dysregulation in the body. Because we humans have learned to hold it in and not shake it off or scream and shout. We hold it down and in.

Big sigh...

The Pandemic gave us the permission to RE-TREAT. To withdraw, pull back, quiet the constant "going." To STOP the crazy train. It was a visceral change in the frequency of energy that hums through the Multiverse. I could feel and taste the silence. No cars on the road, no car lines, no rushing, all the stores closed thereby alleviating the pull, or unconscious need to go buy something. You know that feeling? When you are not sure what the discomfort is that is coming up, so we go to a store and shop or go buy something? This is part and parcel from growing up and being bred into a consumerist society. Our whole system is built and reliant on us buying stuff!

Well now we just had to"be." The exalted sigh of the steam engine when it finally reaches it's destination. All systems powering down all over the world, the most giant collective exhale ever. Christmas day stillness.

Here are some of the ways Mother Earth responded to the global pandemic

NOISE and SOUND - Researchers who study Earth’s movement reported a drop in seismic noise — the hum of vibrations in the planet’s crust — that was the result of transport networks and other human activities being shut down. They say this could allow detectors to spot smaller earthquakes and boost efforts to monitor volcanic activity and other seismic events.

AIR POLLUTION - Carbon dioxide levels were down 40% in Milan, Italy's second largest city. It was the same all over the world including the worlds largest producer of air pollution China, whose Carbon Dioxide emissions were 25% lower. Earth-observing satellites detected a significant decrease in the concentration of the common air pollutant, nitrogen dioxide, which enters the atmosphere through emissions from cars, trucks, buses, and power plants. The usual smog filled skies we see as the color orange on satellite images were now a green blue color, the hues of earth herself..

BIRDS and ANIMALS - And then nature took over....she came crawling back in her reparative self restorative nature like she innately knows to do. Wild animals coming into towns and cities. People reporting that the" birds seem louder?" That is only because the seismic noise was reduced so much not to mention our internal noise, that we could hear what is happening in our natural environment.


The unexpected ecological moment brought on by the pandemic offered relief to our oceans and all of its organisms. The ambient noise from the bohemuth floating cities that Cruise ships are, and other maritime traffic, increases stress-hormone levels in marine creatures. Especially whales which can affect their reproductive success. The North Pacific humpback whales, who move northward every season swimming with their newborn calves in southeast Alaska, a region also popular with cruise ships for views of local wildlife, had the quietest entry that humpback whales have had in southeastern Alaska in decades.

_Yes, there was a great deal of sickness and suffering as we rushed to save human lives. Annnnnnd at the very same time the life of the planet was also saved and began rebounding in her abundant responsive nature. Signs of her taking a gasp of fresh air like she was breaking the crest of the placid water's surface and we all breathed with her....even if for a moment.

Once again the YIN and YANG of life demonstrated clearly for all of us to see. She showed us. The wet markets in China brought to light what is happening there so that humans can have these so called delicacies. The killing and violation of animals, for our consumption. The consumption of goods with the pollution and toxicity factories emit was brought to light headlining that this economy itself is built to destroy our home, the earth. The reminder of cause and effect. That actions have consequences. Have we really not learned this lesson? Maybe not.

And now as the system revs back up and events start eventing, and markets start marketing, and the speed increases, and the this and the that. How will you choose to act in this made up orchestration? What has the Pandemic and the time with lower decibels taught you?

For me, it showed in clear daylight, that I am SOVEREIGN over this one precious life.

✨That I am sovereign and FREE! -

✨I am not a lemming following the rest of the lemmings over the cliff!

✨That I alone decide what feels right and good for me and my family.

✨I am choosing my food differently and going closer and closer to the original source (the dirt.)

✨I engage my consciousness to ask how many hands did this food have to touch to get to me?

✨I am using that same inquiry with all of my purchases.

✨I am giving myself freedom to do what feels good to me.

✨I am not rushing around or being "busy" just to feel like I have accomplished something.

{That is another trick our mind can play on us because again, the consumerist society we have all been raised in.}

✨I have a comfort in the pace of my days. I am quiet and move simply through the moments

✨I spend at least 15 minutes (more) outside in complete stillness observing the sounds, the air, the sky.

✨I hold the planet in my heart and see the connection of all things.

✨I follow my heart even more than I did before...I trust

✨I write every day and I don't care if anyone reads it. (ok i kinda do care)

✨I move my body in whatever I have on. I don't need to go put on a "uniform,"(lulu lemon to move my body!)

✨I understand deeply the small (i) -(me) and the BIG (I) INFINITE.

✨I appreciate my time here in the classroom called Earth, I am grateful to be awake, conscious, clean and sober and at peace amidst it all.

✨I am kinder and gentler with all of life practicing the first limb of yoga in all. NON-VIOLENCE- In thought, word and action.

I know to follow that voice within even more so than I instinctively knew before. That the ancient practices of meditation and stillness are there to remind us that we have all we need right here and right now. In this moment the breath in and the breath out is itself a beginning, middle, and ending of a cycle. We witness it more easily when the noise both internally and externally is quieted.

So thank you planet and virus for the lessons you have laid at my feet. I'm becoming a faster learner as time goes by. I am picking up the lessons and learning.

Which ones will will you pick up?



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