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Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Unbecoming….Since the day we were born we have been misinformed. This pure divine energy coming through the portal of our mother’s wounded vessel, wrought with all of her trauma and unresolved conflicts. It’s not her fault, she too was born into the great paradox.

This is why I refer to the process as the great Unbecoming. Unlearning, un-layering, disrobing, peeling away, taking the emperors clothes off. Dropping the heavy Gaberdine and velvet robes of falsity at our feet. Like petticoats that brush across the surface of the streets gathering all of the dust and garbage as the heavy layers of fabric graze the ground.

Accumulation of so many patterns and unnecessary misinformation. Information we then take and assimilate and operate from as if its TRUTH.

We all have our own circumstance or stories that play out. That we are born into and become programmed by our parents. What if we are getting programmed by human beings that are riddled with trauma and addictive behavior and thinking. What if those very humans who are meant to care for us , love us and nurture us have no clue how to even do that for themselves let alone someone else? No fault of their own.

They too were born to unconscious beings, victims of this spiritual bypassed landscape of the western world.

We were/are, already a PURE Divine emanation of Source. When born, we are also equipped with an operating system that when tuned in, centered and grounded in our selves, we have the ability to navigate all of life from a place of beauty, truth and grace.

Align & Embody morning practice is essential to any path of consciousness. It is the way we meet each day from a place of strength and grace.

It is the way we ride the tiger versus being on the tail of the tiger, a victim of our circumstance and the day that unfolds before us.

Give it a try....Run the experiement. Join me for a 16 minute practice each morning to awaken your energy and vitatlity and align with your truth!

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