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Unbecoming….Since the day we were born we have been misinformed. This pure divine energy coming through the portal of our mother’s wounded vessel, wrought with all of her trauma and unresolved conflicts. It’s not her fault, she too was born into the great paradox. This is why I refer to the process as the great Unbecoming. Unlearning, un-layering, disrobing, peeling away, taking the emperors clothes off. Dropping the heavy Gaberdine and velvet robes of falsity at our feet. Like petticoats that brush across the surface of the streets gathering all of the dust and garbage as the heavy layers of fabric graze the ground. Accumulation of so many patterns and unnecessary misinformation. Information we then take and assimilate and operate from as if its TRUTH. We all have our own circumstance or stories that play out. That we are born into and become programmed by our parents. What if we are getting programmed by human beings that are riddled with trauma and addictive behavior and thinking. What if those very humans who are meant to care for us , love us and nurture us have no clue how to even do that for themselves let alone someone else? No fault of their own. They too were born to unconscious beings, victims of this spiritual bypassed landscape of the western world. WE were/are already a PURE Divine emanation of Source. When born, we are also equipped with an operating system that when tuned in, centered and grounded in our selves, we have the ability to navigate all of life from a place of beauty, truth and grace. We all have within us our divine blueprint that is aching and craving to be REAL-IZED. It is our DHARMA, our purpose and our divinity that is to there waiting to be expressed. And for most all of us, we have to live through decades before we turn the vessel around, exhausted from all the fruitless searches to BECOME and escape the SELF when all along we were already home. We already had everything we were searching for outside of ourselves to make us whole. It is a recipe for continued generational suffering. In yoga we call this Avidya. It is the root cause of suffering. Avidya literally means incorrect comprehension. The opposite is VIDYA or correct comprehension. In life we often delude and deceive ourselves feeling that we have perceived a situation correctly, and act accordingly when we have not. In reality we have fooled ourselves and created misfortune and suffering. The same is true for when we misjudge or perceive a situation to be false when it is actually true and taking some kind of action would have been beneficial. These patterns are so deeply rooted within us and are the accumulation of not only our programming, but also the result of many unconscious actions. The way we have been operating and carrying on for years. The result of these unconscious patterns is called Samskara. These are the deep ruts that we automatically fall into through lifetimes of habitual thinking. These habits cover the mind with a filmy gauze like cloth obstructing truth and reality. We often talk about this phenomenon in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous. FULL FLIGHT FROM REALITY! This is exactly the same subject as the ancients were talking about thousands of years ago. In addiction we would be operating in a world created by us, starring us, directed by us, and designed by us. A complete FALSE altar universe. We then then make decisions and choices based in and on the non reality. How insane is that!? The good news is that if we know how to create such problems and suffering we can also learn how to free ourselves from them,….to UNBECOME. Avidya is the Root or the trunk of the tree, what are the branches that stem from it? Avidya itself does not show up as itself. Indeed it’s main characteristic is that it remains hidden form us. If we can be conscious of the areas it shows up in, we can begin to identify and rid ourselves of these unconscious patterns. The first branch is called Asmita (the EGO) This is the branch that makes us compete with others and have the feeling that we have to be better than others, or above others. A false sense of superiority. The second branch is Raga. This is the branch that tells us that because we had a positive experience from something yesterday that we must have it again today even if we don’t really need it. This is the wanting of things that we don’t really need. It is the longing, the desire, the craving and wanting for things outside ourselves. What we do have is never enough, and what we don’t have is what we want! We who are in recovery from addiction understand this branch all too well. We have a very intimate relationship with Raga, the branch of wanting MORE. In AA we say that we suffer from the dis-ease of MORE! More please, thank you very much. Yes sir, I’ll have another:) The third branch is Dvesa In a way is the opposite of RAGA. It is the dismissing and rejecting of things. We have a difficult experience and so now we reject anything that may hurt us again. Dvesa also causes us to reject things we know nothing about solely because we don’t want to expose ourselves to something unfamiliar that may cause us harm. In Alcoholics Anonymous we call this Contempt Prior to investigation. There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance that principle is contempt prior to investigation. Herbert Spencer Finally there is Abhinevesa, (Fear). This may be the most divisive and secret aspect of Avidya. It’s expression shrouds our everyday life in many ways. We feel doubtful and uncertain about ourselves and our position in life. We are afraid of being judged. We feel agitated and upset when our way is not going right or our lifestyle is somehow altered. We don’t want to grow old. These feelings and more are all expressions of abhineseva the fourth branch of Avidya. We may notice Avidya more in its absence than in its presence. When we are quiet and calm, uncluttered and at peace, we are able to speak calmly and it feels as though we are in the flow of the divine universe. But if we are uncertain and not grounded and centered in our truth and intention than we may speak fast with broken sentences and unfinished thoughts. We must shake the tree and move the energy so that we can declutter and come to the stillness of knowing what is and what it is not. We do this through the unbecoming. It is a process of coming home to that which was never not there. Through the practice , wisdom and science of Yogic and principles and philosophies. We come to our knees /sits bones, or mat every day to enter the monastery of our temple bones. We come inside and home to ourselves. The one who witnesses, the one who is watching it all go down. The pure Crystalline light of LOVE, Unconditional and radical love and forgiveness. How could it be otherwise? We are pure light emanations of source and our whole mission is to come home to that which was never not there…..become White Flag offers individual Yogic Counseling /Way- showing. Working one on one with individuals to first take a look at the five bodies, or KOSHAS (Five Sheaths of the human being) and then develop an individualized practice and program to clear blockages and create balance and equanimity physically, energetically, mentally, and emotionally.

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