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Let's be Intentional

Let's begin now...

it does not matter how old or young we are. How many times we have said that we were going to do this or this is the year! It is the practice and we are never too late or too old to create new habits. Our soul is timeless.

Here we are on the edge of a complete cycle around the sun and on the precipice of a new year. Think about the habits you reinforce daily that are not serving you? Also reflect on the ones that are...


write about it. five things that are serving you, five that are not, and two or even just ONE that you want to master in this new year~

First let's look at the thoughts words and actions that do not serve us. Maybe watching netflix or late night snacking? smoking? Then, unconsciously your mind and body will crave that same action and you will find yourself in this repetition of building a new habit even tho its not something you want to be reinforcing!

I had a chocolate chip cookie last night with peanut butter and it was very pleasurable. So even tho I am maybe not hungry tonight, I will want that same experience again and find myself going towards the kitchen to get a cookie and peanut butter to re enact and receive the same hits of dopamine I had the night before.

Voila! A new habit is forming!

Does it serve my highest good? No! Will I continue to do it despite the negative consequences? probably! Unless we take adverse action.

The next morning I have remorse and wish that I had not done that. So what we need now is an intervention of this habitual cycle that is either well formed or in the early stages of development.

Same is true for the positive higher choices and actions we take.

It's just that we will meet our friend RESISTANCE along the way_