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I’m coming hOMe


This pic was about 3 1/2 years ago (53) and my body / bodies have changed since then.. of course right..? But I mean in a very visceral sense.. this fifth decade is a true and very long awaited/fought for/ against/ with / hOMecoming.

I have loosened the grip_ my knuckles are tired of wrapping around attachments..

…the sandpaper cycles of decades have worn them down with every high and low, with the ever present competition between all aspects of “SELFING”, starring the EGO and all of her colors and costumes😘

A gift of time I suppose_ something that cannot be bought, coerced, or rushed.

It arrives quietly and slowly and moves into the soul like a quiet rush of relief…

Peaceful_welcome_like a long lost loving companion..

Who’s name pulses….WISDOM

Where are you on your journey hOMe?

all my heart



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1 Comment

Beautiful words as always. I’ve told you for years I’m ready for a take off to the next chapter however, it is difficult. I know those “difficulties” are lessons that can be a springboard to so many better and different experiences..

love you and pls let’s talk/yoga soon.. Steve C ❤️

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