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Into a New Year~

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

This blog was written from my heart center. The window in my office is open and the palm fronds are rustling, the sun is shining and my little heater that looks like a mini fireplace is on too!

I love the opposites of hot and Cold at the same time...the extremes.

Please take your time with this blog. Come back to it. Re-read it a few times. Let it be your template and companion as we move through the next winter months into the birth of Spring~

so much love~xx


You may not be feeling the whole flux of the New Year Resolves, Intentions and the energy it takes to do it! It might feel like climbing Mount Everest and it took all you had just to get to Base Camp!

That is ok and completely natural! We are still in the Yin cycle and dormancy of winter. Honor your instinct, and depth of wisdom.

I know I am in more of a quiet inquiry phase. I enjoy moving slowly and methodically. I wait for the sun to get high in the sky before I take my outside time. I like to sit in the sun and receive the solar energy and vitamin D around 1pm without feeling rushed or anxious....

I want to F L O W.

So here is a gentle reminder~