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White Flag was born out of a primitive desire to thrive in life and recovery from addiction.  Addiction can be defined as any behaviour that we continue to engage in despite negative results. Addiction touches EVERYONE on the planet either personally or by someone we know.


We are not just referring to the main 6 forms of addiction that we usually associate that word with.  Drugs, Alcohol, Food, People, Sex, and Money.  It can also take the contaminating forms of negative thinking, Self doubt (low self esteem,) procrastination and resentment. 


I assert that it is anything that blocks us from our true nature of light, freedom and abundance. 


Shame is often the culprit that keeps us stuck in the frequency of addiction.  The White Flag Practices, CommUNITY, and Retreats are designed to break us FREE from that cycle and remind us of our true nature.  That we are all DIVINE Emanations of SPIRIT, SOUL and Multiverse and that the cracks are where the light gets in.  We come hOMe to ourselves and break the ball and chain that we have been dragging through our lives even after we have done the work and stopped the addictive behaviour.


Truth is our identity and we bow to that within each and everyone of us.

Sat Nam

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