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Just one More hit

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

It’s the game of gods he plays

his house filled with trophies from the legions

that paid their allegiance to the story,

the false story,

the empty story

the same story,

the old story,

the tired story

the worn-out story

he will make her believe

so he can reach in

and take

what he needs

and once he has it

and she has bought the story,

he will wipe his hungry mouth satisfied from his feast

of ego and lack

and move on to the next...

he is NEVER satisfied


and she is voracious too

equally insatiable

for love

for touch

for esteem

for recognition

comfort, security, warmth, consistency, companionship, union,

for yolking

for saving

for "self" Itself

for she has lost it

or maybe she never had it

or maybe someone took it from her

and when these two souls cross

they fit

he, with his deviant dark practiced moves

and she with her hollow, crystal, cracked and broken being

and one by one

she buys the lies


underneath the layers

she knows who he is

she's done her work

can hold her own

she knows the moves

she’s been around

he lays it out and says it all ...

he comes on

with all the words

makes her believe

It's possible

It's all possible

and so she does

she believes

And for a while

It sustains her

they make the list

they plan the trip

they talk the talk

they do the deed

the dance moves on schedule

this arm here

this leg goes here

this is my spot right here

pulling, licking, sucking

she flies so high

undoing undone

air is thin

things don't make sense

don't ask

do not disrupt

It can't end

no options

no hits

she takes the poison

like a gambler

pushes all the chips forward

all in

and he's out

moving on

game to game

in the dark he will remain


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