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Discover your compass for personal wellbeing

On the White Flag Retreats we often talk about the idea of truth and balance in our very busy lives. We even came up with a compass and created pie charts based on our lives. If you were to make a pie chart of your life. You would have a graohic example of where and how you were spending your time.

First choose the categories that are most important to you. Below are some of mine.

Prayer meditation

Moving the body

Nutritious food

Time in Nature

Time with family/friends


Self Care


Work /Income

Do it! See what you find! Often I am pretty balanced but other times I may be "ALL IN'" with my work (aka passion), and then I can start to feel lopsided, out of balance. Which then causes irritability and discontentedness. A great exercise in consciousness!

Too often we ignore what we intrinsically feel, want and desire because we spend so much of our time focusing on the outside, or what others expect from us. The result? That we start to feel disconnected in our everyday life, and lose touch with what really makes us happy.