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Two Minute Balancing Reset

See the image and imagine the sound of clouds... Sit up nice and tall, straight spine, clear channel of that MASTER CONTROL CENTER housed in our Spinal Column. Notice what is touching the earth, your sits bones in the chair or on the floor and note that you are grounded on the earth. Drop your chin to your chest and lengthen the back of your neck. Feel the release as you ..S T A Y... allowing the weight of the head to help lengthen to lengthen and ......R E L E A S E..... Imagine the weight of the world on your shoulders falling away... Deep breath in through the nose and exhale through the mouth with closed throat making the sound of the ocean. Two more times. Thinking to yourself on the IN breath...I am breathing in. On the OUT breath, I am breathing out. Simple. Easy. Effortless. Calm. Still. Now with eyes closed, take a deep breath in through the nose and drop your left ear towards your left shoulder...At the top of the inhale, begin to EXHALE and drop back towards the middle...PAUSE...Take one long deep breath here~ Repeat the same series on the right side, Pausing in the MIDDLE. Gently and Slowly moving the neck 1/2 circle to left and right. eyes closed....riding the breath with inhales deepening and exhales releasing all tension, and story from the mind and body. Pausing in the middle...bowing to your temple body. Take a moment in awe and wonder of this amazing vessel that carries your soul and heart stitched inside all this way....a slight smile comes to your face for this epic miracle of being alive in this body at this time! WOW.... Raise your chin on an INHALE, exhale and then take a BIG INHALE and lift your shoulders high up towards your ears with tension and hold and S Q U E E Z E......hold the breath...take another sip of breath in hold and lift even higher...... and now exhale and lower shoulders literally letting it all go! Inhale through the nose deeply and exhale fully....

welcome hOMe

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