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Spring Retreat- Ocean

Pawley's Island, SC

May 17 - 21, 2023

The Venue

The Location

THE PELICAN INN ~ a unique History
Located on the “arrogantly shabby” Pawleys Island, the Pelican Inn is a charming bed and breakfast built in the 1840s. All guest rooms are air-conditioned, and are incredibly charming.  This is true rustic elegance.   As the owner say's, "There is just the right amount of patina." ✨. 

The house and grounds are perfect for our gathering and we will be spending lots of time outside and in nature. There is direct beach access, and a private dock over the salt marsh is perfect for viewing sunsets and morning and evening meditation.
Pawleys Island was recently rated in the top 15 beaches in the world.....  SHHHHHHHH!🤫 .

Think soft and slow moving with the tidetable.  Rising for oceanside meditation and gentle movement , nourishing our bodies with delcious and nutritious foods.  
Exploration of somatic movement practices inclusing a fusion of Yoga, Qigong, deep facial release and restorative practices. 

- Primordial Sound Meditation
Guest Teacher Chopra Meditation Coach and Expert  Tom Taylor, will lead us through a Primordial Sound Meditation, where  each participant will reieve a personalized mantra based on the vibration the universe was making at the exact date and time of your birth.

Navigate The Cypress Forests Of Myrtle Beach
This kayak tour generally has slower currents and is usually the easiest tour from a physical perspective. This. tour is accessible for all skill levels. It is also much more shaded thanks to South Carolina’s beautiful cypress trees draped in Spanish moss.

On this two-hour Myrtle Beach kayak tour, your knowledgeable guide shares interesting information about the area, its plants, and its wildlife inhabitants. The river is home to several pairs of nesting osprey, as well as numerous other birds.

As we paddle the calm waters on this peaceful kayak tour, you may see birds, turtles, and sometimes even alligators!

White Flag Retreats

White Flag Retreats are like nectar to the soul. ✨
We MUST take time out of our regular daily life to gain space and perspective. To be re-energized and reinvigorated, reminded and realigned with our true nature so that we can re-enter our lives with a freshness that is so badly needed in our world today just to keep up keeping up.


Our Sample Itinerary

MAY 17-21, 2021

  • 4 nights and five days at the elegantly shabby oceanfront Pelican Inn

  • Special gift bag and journal

  • Delicious vegetarian meals Private Chef

  • Break/lunch/Dinner

  • Daily Certified {Y12SR} YOGA 12 step meetings

  • Daily Meditation and TM workshop with Tom Taylor

  • Yoga and WF Embodiment practices

  • Saltwater floating / Seamersion (highly recommended)

  • Cyress Forest Kayak excursion

  • Music (Special Guest))

  • Beach Walking

  • Fire Ritual on our last night together ~

✨In these few days we create a container of intimacy and shedding of layers. 

We get to re charge, re-new, and re affirm our daily practice and also reaffirm our bearings to stay on, or get back on course. It is always about coming back to the midline, to the mat, to SOURCE. 
White Flag Retreats help us to stay true to the path and the practice. To get away from all of the noise, clutter, and confusion and come hOMe....✨

The eternal cycle of UNBCOMING to become ~ My hope is that you will allow yourself this experience and RE>TREAT with us~
Come hOMe to that which was NEVER not there~






White Flag Rētreat in Chalbre France
White Flag Rētreat in Chalbre France
Jun 15, 2024, 6:00 PM EDT
Yobaba Lounge
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